On Prison

Suspended over our everyday lives are the shackles and cages that could be forced on us if we offend the rule of law. Law which exists to control the intricate details of our lives, from what we consume, to how we can live and love with others. These are laws we never consented to being governed by, laws that were written before we even had voices to raise, which we cannot change and which do not protect us.

If we offend the rule of law by “breaking” one of these codes of conduct, we then face the brutality of the justice system. A system that again was formulated without our contributions or consent; that hurts and punishes those who offend and those who love them and leaves the greatest criminals of all, the politicians, bankers and CEOs, untouched and unexamined.

We firmly believe that with the destruction of systems of oppression such as state and capital, “crime” as we know it would largely cease to exist. We believe that if people were empowered and free to live under principles of self-determination and mutual aid, they would naturally work together to address conflict and threats against their own and others’ safety and wellbeing.

We call for the abolition of all prisons and detention centers. None are free until all are free.