About Us

Running Wild is an anarchist collective of diverse ideas, practices, initiatives and interests. It is a rebellious network aspiring to provide a space of inflammatory counter-information and action.

Running Wild exists as a banner for decentralized, multi-dimensional collective action, striving to highlight and contribute to the diverse anarchist and revolutionary movement, ready to go into action against all the forces that threaten and prevent our freedom.

Running Wild is not a membership organization. It is an initiative that aims to share unique analyses and distinct understandings of the struggle for a better world. We strive to reinvent our lives and our world according to the principles of self-determination and mutual aid, where the directions we choose will be born from the diversity, vibrancy, spontaneity, commitment, respect, trust and informal openness we envision and breathe.

Running Wild is the spirit of rebellion in the struggle against the misery and violence of state and capital. It is the refusal to lower our heads and limit our potential. We are declared enemies of every authority, and believe that no government, market or ideology should be able to dictate what our lives can and should be.

Running Wild is a desperate fight to break away from the stifling monotony of this society. It is a break from the endless attacks and lies we endure. It is a call to see if we can light the fires – no matter how small – of rebellion. It is an appeal to change everything… to continue the struggle for the beauty of freedom.