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We invite contributions of articles, posters, news, call-outs etc to the website.

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We will prioritise content from:

  • the anarchist/anti-authoritarian movement from all over the world
  • people from oppressed social groups
  • individuals and collectives that fight for social liberation

We will not publish or consider content:

  • from corporate media, or people who work for the media and express the dominant ideology
  • from political parties, political mediators or bureaucratic representatives
  • that has direct or indirect profit-making intentions
  • that directly or indirectly contains racism, sexism, transphobia, nationalism, xenophobia, ableism or any other form of oppressive language


If you are interested in supporting our current projects, please contact us at the above address to let us know what you would like to support and how you intend to support it and we will be in touch.