Loitering in the Park

On May Day we attended an anticapitalist event in a regional NSW city. It didn’t approach a Montreal riot or a militant picket line, but for a city with occasionally present, but always polite politics, it was an event that brought joy, discussion and inspiration to us. We shared some lunch in the park, got to know one another, commemorated the struggle of 1868, and talked not only about “the problem” facing communities around the globe, but also solutions. We talked about what we could do in this small city, what we could do with just a few people.

It may not have slowed traffic or created photo ops of people taking to the streets, but we sat in a park as anticapitalists, and we commemorated May Day without being granted a public holiday to do so, without politicians and union officials leading our march or speaking for us.

To change everything, we have to start somewhere! On our own terms.

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