Support Parkdale Tenants’ Rent Strike


On May 1, 150 tenants in Parkdale began a coordinated rent strike to pressure their landlord, MetCap Living, to withdraw its “Above Guideline Rent Increase” applications (AGIs) and to complete the hundreds of outstanding repair requests.

Today, these tenants need your help to ensure the success of this critical campaign.

Very soon, MetCap can file applications to the Landlord and Tenant Board to evict each of the striking tenants. The Board can charge each tenant with the landlord’s $190 filing fee associated with each application.

In order to avoid eviction and ensure the success of the rent strike campaign, each of the striking tenants will need to pay this $190 fee.

This is why your support, today, is so vital to this campaign.


By sponsoring a single rent striker—just $190—you will ensure this application fee is paid, and help them keep their home.

We have to reach our target (just over 100 units) within the next 2 weeks in order to be prepared for the next stage of this campaign. With the help of community-minded people like you, we are confident that we can reach this goal.

Please, act now—show your support and solidarity for rent-striking tenants in Parkdale.

** If you are an NGO or labour union, please consider sponsoring a half or full floor of a building. **

**Any funds leftover after paying rent strikers’ legal fees will go directly to tenant struggles in Parkdale**

// Background //

MetCap Living manages 19 buildings throughout Parkdale. Six of these buildings currently face Above Guideline Rent Increases (AGIs) for capital expenditures. MetCap uses AGIs as part of their strategy to push out working class and immigrant tenants from its buildings, renovate units, and raise rents (there is no rent control on vacant units).

In January 2017, tenants at 87 Jameson organized to oppose an AGI sought by MetCap. MetCap sought the maximum legal increase—3% above the provincial guideline each year for three years consecutively. In response, on February 1, a week before their Tribunal hearing date, 87 Jameson tenants went on rent strike. On February 8, at their AGI Tribunal hearing, MetCap refused to negotiate with the tenants. The hearing was postponed.

Rather than accept defeat at the Tribunal, tenants at 87 Jameson decided to turn to their neighbours. In March, a neighbourhood-wide campaign against MetCap began to build momentum.

Since March, tenants in MetCap buildings in Parkdale have been organizing tirelessly in their buildings: holding lobby meetings, conducting door knocking, holding mass meetings at the local library, protesting at MetCap’s office, and getting significant media attention.

On May 1, over 150 tenants in MetCap buildings in Parkdale began a coordinated rent strike to demand that MetCap withdraw their AGIs and complete the outstanding repair requests, mandated by provincial law.

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