Loitering in the Park

On May Day we attended an anticapitalist event in a regional NSW city. It didn’t approach a Montreal riot or a militant picket line, but for a city with occasionally present, but always polite politics, it was an event that brought joy, discussion and inspiration to us. We shared some lunch in the park, got to know one another, commemorated the struggle of 1868, and talked not only about “the problem” facing communities around the globe, but also solutions. We talked about what we could do in this small city, what we could do with just a few people.

It may not have slowed traffic or created photo ops of people taking to the streets, but we sat in a park as anticapitalists, and we commemorated May Day without being granted a public holiday to do so, without politicians and union officials leading our march or speaking for us.

To change everything, we have to start somewhere! On our own terms.

Support Parkdale Tenants’ Rent Strike

from https://www.gofundme.com/support-parkdale-tenants

On May 1, 150 tenants in Parkdale began a coordinated rent strike to pressure their landlord, MetCap Living, to withdraw its “Above Guideline Rent Increase” applications (AGIs) and to complete the hundreds of outstanding repair requests.

Today, these tenants need your help to ensure the success of this critical campaign.

Very soon, MetCap can file applications to the Landlord and Tenant Board to evict each of the striking tenants. The Board can charge each tenant with the landlord’s $190 filing fee associated with each application.

In order to avoid eviction and ensure the success of the rent strike campaign, each of the striking tenants will need to pay this $190 fee.

This is why your support, today, is so vital to this campaign.


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FTP Zine – Eighth Issue Published Online



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Welcome to the eighth issue of FTP zine, our biannual report on anti-colonial, anti-state resistance, compiled within occupied Cadigal territory.

Like previous issues we have chosen to highlight acts of resistance to the Australian state and its control of this territory, such as attacks on its police, its prisons, its monuments and its schools.

The entirety of the content in this publication was found as public information online, and later compiled for this zine. Nothing here is the original content of those who may be responsible for this project.

The contents include communiques, media releases, photos, posters and leaflets which have been found on radical blogs. The remaining content has been culled from the websites of corporate newspapers and TV stations. Many texts have been condensed for reasons of space.

We make no claims to the intentions behind the unclaimed actions. We have simply chosen to highlight acts which open possibilities for a more libertarian, less polluted future. Actions which, if generalised, have the potential to fundamentally disrupt the Australian state an its ability to govern.

The actions and opinions expressed in this zine do not necessarily reflect the perspectives or attitudes of any other individual or group mentioned in this publication.

This report is only partial as most acts of resistance are not reported in the mainstream press, and most people who stand up to state authority don’t write self-aggrandising communiques of their actions.

This magazine is in no way a for-profit publication. We encourage the printing, sharing, translating, and widespread distribution of this magazine by anyone with resources to do so.

– January 2017

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