June 11th – Call-out for International Day of Solidarity

From The June 11th Crew:

As you may know, every year, individuals and groups around the world organize events and carry out actions in solidarity with imprisoned anarchists. As June 11th approaches, we are trying to get in touch with comrades worldwide about doing June 11th events in their cities and towns. These events provide vital material support via fundraising, spreading word of our comrades’ cases, and continuing the struggles our comrades are locked up for participating in.

If you would like to do an event for June 11th, please send us any information and we’ll post it on our site. If you do an event or action and don’t want it on the site beforehand, consider sending us a reportback to include in our post-June 11th round-up.

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone else who you think might be interested in organizing an event.


2017 Call

So-Called Australia: More Information On A May Day Call-Out

From the 1m Collective:

As part of our call-out for an Anti-Capitalist May Day we would like to provide some information about an event we will be holding, as well as some general information and ideas surrounding the initial call-out.

We are an initiative made up of various individuals who are working towards organising an Anti-Capitalist themed May Day event in Armidale, which is situated on Anaiwan land (an area in so-called Australia). The aim of the event will be to bring people together to hold discussions on our conditions and experiences as workers; to devise strategies for improving our lives; and to build support for all sectors in struggle, whether worker, unemployed, local or refugee.

Our initial call-out was a general call to action, and for those who would wish to, or are interested in, an encouragement to organise their own events wherever they are. Here, in so-called Australia, yearly we see a sombre march made up of political parties, bureaucratic trade-unions walking the same set-out route with no feeling, inspiration, or general opposition to the status-quo. What is worse, is that at the end, it usually culminates in a speech from a labor party leader.

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So-Called Australia: May Day Call-Out, 2017

From the 1m Collective:

Call-Out: May Day 2017 – We are poor because they are rich… and it’s right to revolt!

May 1st is a day of solidarity with other exploited people across the world and within our communities. This is a call to reclaim and rebuild the history and struggle against oppression with anti-capitalist gatherings, celebrations and resistance.

This year we will commemorate those who fought with their lives for an 8 hour workday in Chicago over 100 years ago, and the anarchists who lost their lives at the hand of the law. On May 1st 2017 we will stand against capitalism, colonialism, borders and the state; we will stand for freedom, community and self-determination as we continue the struggles of workers started so many years ago.

Capitalism continues to steal land, life, culture and language in the name of profit. The empire it has built on stolen land keeps workers under the boot of the bosses, the unemployed under the boot of the state. While our work goes to increase their profit margins, we are left to merely survive and dream of the lives we can live in our worn-out bodies come retirement.

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